World monkeypox outbreak tops 50,000 cases

More than 50,000 monkeypox cases have been recorded in the global outbreak, WHO figures showed Wednesday, though transmission is slowing in the virus hotspots of Europe and the United States.

Monkeypox has likely spread undetected ‘for some time’: WHO

The WHO said Wednesday that hundreds of monkeypox cases have surfaced beyond the African countries where the disease is typically found, warning the virus has likely been spreading under the radar. “Investigations are ongoing, but the sudden appearance of monkeypox in many countries at the same time suggests there may have been undetected transmission for […]

Big tobacco’s environmental impact is ‘devastating’: WHO

by Nina LARSON The tobacco industry is a far greater threat than many realise as it is one of the world’s biggest polluters, from leaving mountains of waste to driving global warming, the WHO charged Tuesday. The World Health Organization accused the industry of causing widespread deforestation, diverting badly needed land and water in poor […]

Covid pandemic killed 13 to 17 million in 2020-21: WHO

by Robin MILLARD The Covid-19 pandemic killed 13.3 to 16.6 million people in 2020 and 2021, the WHO estimated Thursday — up to triple the number of deaths attributed directly to the disease. The World Health Organization’s long-awaited estimate of the total number of deaths caused by the pandemic — including lives lost to its […]

WHO warns of obesity ‘epidemic’ in Europe

The WHO said Tuesday that “epidemic” overweight and obesity rates are linked to over 1.2 million deaths annually across Europe, calling for swift policy changes to reverse the dangerous trend. Obesity rates in the region have ballooned by 138 percent in the past five decades, the World Health Organization said in a new report, and […]

Testing cuts leave world ‘increasingly blind’ to Covid spread: WHO

A dramatic drop in testing for Covid-19 has left the world blind to the virus’s continuing rampage and its potentially dangerous mutations, the World Health Organization warned Tuesday. The UN health agency said that reported Covid cases and deaths had been dropping dramatically. “Last week, just over 15 thousand deaths were reported to WHO — […]