Strippers bid to unionize in Los Angeles

Performers at a Los Angeles strip club took their first steps toward unionization Wednesday, becoming the latest US workers to seek collective bargaining power.

Musings and missteps mark Musk moments on Twitter

Elon Musk has gone from being a colorful, controversial Twitter star to a major stakeholder with the purchase of some 73.5 million shares of the platform disclosed on Monday. The serial entrepreneur behind electric car star Tesla now owns more than 9 percent of outstanding shares in the social network he has often criticized — […]

LA-based paralegal confesses to helping Quiboloy’s church commit fraud

A paralegal based in California on Friday pleaded guilty to violating US immigration laws by helping members of Kingdom of Jesus Christ obtain permanent residency through fraudulent means. The US Attorney’s Office said in a statement that Los Angeles-based paralegal Maria De Leon agreed to plead guilty for taking part in a “conspiracy to violate […]