Zelensky urges Italy not to let Russian oligarchs party

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged Italian lawmakers Tuesday to stop their country being a playground for Russia’s elite, while warning food shortages sparked by the war risk a fresh migrant crisis. Italy’s MPs gave a standing ovation to Zelensky as he delivered the latest of a series of video speeches to Western parliaments in an […]

US bill aims to end China’s ‘chokehold’ on America’s rare earth supplies

Two US senators have proposed a law aiming to end China’s alleged “chokehold” on rare-earth metal supplies, a statement by the lawmakers said Friday. The law — proposed by Democrat Mark Kelly and Republican Tom Cotton — would aim to ensure the United States can guarantee its supplies of rare-earth minerals. “The Chinese Communist Party […]

A safer gun?: ‘Smart’ pistols headed to US market

by Joshua MELVIN “Smart” pistols designed to limit who can shoot them are poised to hit the booming US firearm market this year, taking aim at spiking gun deaths as federal lawmakers remain deadlocked on any new restrictions. Questions over reliability and political fights have bedeviled the technology for decades, but backers say it’s a […]