Greenland treads softly on tourism as icebergs melt

As tourists flock to Greenland to take in its breathtaking icebergs and natural beauty, authorities are mulling ways to control crowds to protect the fragile environment, already threatened by global warming.

S&P downgrades Chinese state-backed developer Greenland

Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s on Monday downgraded Chinese state-backed property developer Greenland over fears the company would default on a bond payment. Since a government drive to curb excessive debt in the property sector, China’s developers have sagged under the weight of massive borrowing which funded their building sprees. S&P said in a note […]

De Beers launch treasure hunt off Greenland for marine diamonds

Greenland’s seabed is being studied to see if it is home to marine diamonds, in a survey conducted on behalf of international diamond group De Beers, the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) said on Wednesday. Researchers on board the vessel Sanna were to conduct preliminary exploration surveys for eight days at the end […]

Greenland ice melting past ‘tipping point’: study

The melting of Greenland’s ice cap has gone so far that it is now irreversible, with snowfall no longer able to compensate for the loss of ice even if global warming were to end today, according to researchers.