In Texas, crypto miners turn to solar power

Two US tech companies, Block and Blockstream, are preparing to launch a fully solar-powered Bitcoin creation center, or mine, in June, in a new effort to make cryptocurrencies less expensive and more environmentally friendly. The digital payments group Block, formerly called Square, and blockchain specialist Blockstream have each invested $6 million in the pilot project […]

‘Huge deficiency’: Crypto industry reels from $600M Axie Infinity hack

by Joseph BOYLE Investigators are on the trail of hackers who spirited away more than $600 million in cryptocurrency last week, watching the money as it moves around a system that critics call the Wild West of finance. But they are playing catch-up: the gaming company that got scammed apparently did not even notice for […]

Hackers steal over $600M from Axie maker in major crypto heist

Hackers stole cryptocurrency worth over $600 million from a digital ledger used by players of the popular online game Axie Infinity, in a major digital cash heist revealed Tuesday. Interest in cyptocurrency has boomed, along with its values, but the money has also become an attractive target for tech savvy thieves. Ronin Network said the […]

Bitcoin price boosted by possible Russia gas payment

Bitcoin on Friday rose above $45,000, boosted by talk that the Kremlin could accept the world’s biggest cryptocurrency in exchange for Russian gas. It climbed above the key trading level for only the third time this year and remains far below record levels. President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday said Russia would accept only rubles for […]

Crypto provides fix for some in crisis-hit Afghanistan

by Romain FONSEGRIVES with Qubad WALI In the middle of a bazaar in western Afghanistan, Arezo Akrimi takes out her smartphone and, after a few taps of the screen, changes some cryptocurrency for a bundle of hard cash. Arezo, 19, is one of a hundred students in Herat receiving around $200 a month in cryptocurrency […]

Cryptocurrency giant Binance gets licence in Bahrain

Cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance, one of the world’s largest, said Tuesday it had been granted an operating licence in Bahrain, its first in the Gulf. The company, which was founded in China but has since been banned there, said it would provide crypto asset trading and portfolio management services under the supervision of the Central […]

Bitcoin use on rise to launder drug money, report says

Drug cartels in Mexico and Colombia are increasingly using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin to launder money, the UN-linked International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) said Thursday. Mexican cartels are estimated to launder $25 billion a year in Mexico alone, the board’s annual report said, describing them “as among the richest and most powerful organized criminal groups” […]

Could Russia get round sanctions with cryptocurrency?

by Joseph SOTINEL Cryptocurrency purchases in rubles are at a record high following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, raising questions about whether piling into the likes of bitcoin can help Moscow get around sanctions. – Why crypto is attracting Russians? – The United States and Western allies have sought to cripple Russia’s banking sector and currency […]

Amsterdam hostage taker asked for 200M in cryptocurrency

A man who held several people hostage at an Apple store in Amsterdam demanded 200 million euros ($230 million) in cryptocurrency before he was taken to hospital “seriously injured”, police said Wednesday. The man, identified as a 27-year-old from Amsterdam, entered the Apple store carrying a firearm in the busy Leidseplein neighbourhood late Tuesday afternoon, […]

US regulator announces $100M fine on crypto lender

US securities regulators on Monday announced that cryptocurrency lending platform BlockFi will pay $100 million in penalties to settle lawsuits about its business scheme. The first-ever such case came as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) looks to establish regulatory authority over digital currency services, treating them more like investment operations than a form of […]