Metaverse gets touch of reality at CES

by Julie JAMMOT A jacket equipped with sensors that let wearers feel hugs or even punches in virtual reality was among the innovations giving the metaverse a more realistic edge at the Consumer Electronics Show. “What is the metaverse if you can’t feel it?” asked Jose Fuertes, founder of the Spain-based startup Owo, which made […]

CES show highlights: Robo-dogs, self-sailing boat, brain tech

by Julie JAMMOT and Joshua MELVIN The CES tech show in Las Vegas closed its 2022 edition on Friday, after pushing ahead with a significantly downsized gathering despite surging Covid cases. Industry behemoths like Amazon and Google stayed away over the virus risk, but the more than 2,200 firms big and small in attendance still […]

Creepy meets cool in humanoid robots at CES tech show

by Joshua MELVIN A lifelike, child-size doll writhed and cried before slightly shocked onlookers snapping smartphone pictures Wednesday at the CES tech show — where the line between cool and slightly disturbing robots can be thin. “Oh! The eyes are very scary,” said Marcelo Humerez, an exhibitor from Peru who happened upon the Pedia-Roid, which […]