UnionBank Awarded Best Investor Relations Company: CFO and Investor Relations Head also honored

At the annual Corporate Governance Asia’s 14th Asian Excellence Awards, Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) was recognized as Best Investor Relations Company. The awards ceremony, held last May 31st at the JW Mariott Hotel in Hong Kong, was attended by 245 senior executives from 8 countries as it stood as Asia’s largest investor relations event in 14 years.

UnionBank’s win was underscored by the further recognition of its top executives. The Bank’s Chief Financial Officer, Manuel Lozano was awarded Asia’s Best CFO, while the Bank’s Head of Corporate Planning and Investor Relations, Carlo I. Eñanosa, was honored as Best Investor Relations Professional.

This year’s Asian Excellence Awards with the theme “Sustainable Asia: Ardor for Green Governance” highlighted the region’s commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, on top of investor relations, communications, and corporate excellence.

“The 14th Asian Excellence Recognition Awards are bestowed to outstanding executive achievements across the region to serve as inspirations for the rest of the business community. These accolades are for people who possess strong leadership in guiding the company in
growing/expanding the business, and at the same time uphold the highest ethics in business
practices.” cited Corporate Governance Asia “We are honouring the companies and business professionals who are recognized by their peers, investors, academics for his/her outstanding leadership and contributions in a public or a private company.”

“We are honored by this recognition of UnionBank’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of financial reporting and corporate governance.” said UnionBank’s CFO, Manuel “Dmi” Lozano about the Bank’s recognition as a top investor relations company.

UnionBank, 6-time winner of “Digital Bank of the Year”, 5-time “Best Retail Bank in the Philippines”, and 2023’s “Most Recommended Bank in the Philippines” and “Best Retail Bank in Southeast Asia” continues to expand the sectors recognizing the Bank’s innovations. UnionBank opened 2024 by winning the Agora Marketing Company of the Year and this latest regional recognition from the Investor Relations community is a most welcome addition to its impressive collection of accolades.

Union Bank of the Philippines is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas https://www.bsp.gov.ph. For more info, please visit our website www.unionbankph.com, or follow for updates on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, or YouTube.

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