SMC boss Ramon Ang has no plans to retire in next 5 years as heir apparent Paul goes through Danding-style apprenticeship

Ultra bilyonaryo Ramon S. Ang has no plans to hang up his boots before he turns 75 as he has made it his mission to groom his eldest son to become the operator of San Miguel Corp. (SMC).

In a Forbes report, Ang said retirement isn’t in the cards for him in the next five years, even though he has relinquished day-to-day management of the P238 billion conglomerate.

“I will continue to guide San Miguel, but I will let Paul start helping to operate the company,” said Ang just days after SMC director John Paul was promoted to president and COO.

Ang compared his setup with his son to his own apprenticeship under his friend and patron, SMC boss Eduardo ‘Danding’ Cojuangco Jr., who died four years ago.

Cojuangco and Ang, bonded by their shared passion for fast cars, had a relationship akin to that of father and son.

Upon regaining control of SMC in 1998, Cojuangco appointed Ang as his COO.

In 2012, Cojuangco sold his 20 percent stake in SMC to Ang, saying, ‘No one deserves this opportunity to control a significant stake in the company I hold dear more than Ramon. San Miguel has thrived because of him, and he truly cares about the company and its people. I am confident he will lead San Miguel to even greater heights.”


Father-son leadership team: RSA steps up as SMC chairman, John Paul Ang promoted to vice-chairman, president and COO

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