mWell unites 98 couples in wellness and in health with the new mWell Ring

Pasig, Philippines, 7th June 2024 – mWell, the digital healthcare arm of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC), recently celebrated the launch of the innovative mWell Ring by uniting 98 couples in a special wellness ceremony in Bacoor, Cavite.

During the Kasalang Bayan held at the Strike Gymnasium, mWell Rings were used to unite the newlyweds in wellness and in health. Wearing the mWell ring signified the couples’ commitment to live a long, healthy and happy life together. The mass wedding was officiated by Mayor Strike B. Revilla with Congresswoman Lani Mercado Revilla and Vice Mayor Rowena Bautista Mendiola as sponsors.

The “Kasalang Bayan” has been a regular tradition in Bacoor as part of local government’s drive to legitimize the union of couples who do not have adequate financial capacity to mount a wedding. The newlyweds included Bhen Rashid Collado and Nicole Mae Alegarme, a deaf couple who met via social media. After months of dating, they realized that they wish to spend a lifetime together and with the blessing of their parents, they signed up to be among the one of the couples who exchanged vows.

No less than Asia’s Fearless Diva, Jona, sang the wedding march during the star-studded event. Well-wishers included multi award-winning actor Dennis Trillo who also serenaded the guests. Celebrities who served as witnesses included motivational speaker and host Anthony Pangilinan who shared insights on relationships, real life couples Julius Babao and Tintin Bersola-Babao, and Diego Castro and wife Angela Lagunzad-Castro. It was a family affair for JC de Vera and Rikkah Cruz-De Vera whose daughter Lana, served as flower girl.

“A happy and healthy family is the bedrock of a strong nation. We at mWell believe that it is also crucial to creating a brighter future for our children. This is why we continue to work hard to ensure that more Filipino families have access to affordable and innovative healthcare solutions. Throughout history, the wedding ring has always been a symbol of love, faithfulness, and commitment. mWell honors this timeless tradition and emphasizes the importance of a shared lifelong commitment to wellness and health,” said mWell Business Unit Head for User Growth and Marketing Gary Dujali.

mWell Ring: Powerful smart rings to track sleep

Paired with the mWell app, the sleek and stylish mWell Ring is designed to help monitor important health metrics, including Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Resting Heart Rate, and Average Oxygen Saturation. More importantly, it unlocks insights into the quantity and quality of sleep every single night.

A good night’s sleep restores the body, improves brain performance, helps heart health, supports weight management, keeps the immune system strong, and helps slow down signs of aging. Knowing your sleep count and quality helps you be more mindful of your sleep habits. Using the mWell Ring paired with the mWell app, one will be able to view Total sleep report,

Light sleep, Deep sleep, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep — all in one tracker. It is built with Titanium and comes with a 7-day battery life. When wearing the ring, app users can add their exercise on the mWell app to make sure this is reflected on the mWellness Score which provides the overall health score daily.

Aside from the mWell Ring, the Philippines’ health and wellness mega app has recently launched the Mind Health Score feature— a personal compass for a self-guided journey towards enhancing emotional, social, and cognitive well-being. Democratizing health and wellness, mWell also introduced the new generation mWell watches. Each one is packed with features that let users track workouts, other physical activities, and overall wellness—at an affordable price.

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