Luxury retail drama: High-flying socialite grounded amid multimillion-peso estafa case filed by Hong Kong-based businessman

A jet-setting diva (JSD) known for her luxurious lifestyle has been barred by a local court from leaving the country so she can face the estafa charges filed by a Hong Kong-based businessman (HKB) in connection with a multimillion-peso business deal that went south.

HKB sought a hold departure order for JSD after filing criminal charges against her. JSD’s abogados argued that she wasn’t a flight risk but the court wasn’t buying it and sided with HKB.

A Babbler said the fallout between HKB and JSD stemmed from HKB’s decision to invest P8 million with JSD to sell Italian leather bags. He also entrusted her with half of his shares in a company which planned to source and sell luxury goods worldwide.

HKB believed JSD’s sales pitch that there were ready buyers for the bags because of her reputation as a seasoned professional with two decades of experience in retailing top-tier cosmetic brands to an A-list clientele,

What sounded like a dream investment, however, turned into a nightmare for HKB. The supposed buyers vanished into thin air just as the luxury goods arrived in the Philippines, leaving him with unsold inventory and mounting storage costs.

Babbler said JSD offered a way out for HKB by introducing him to a New Company (NC), which she claimed was interested in selling the luxury goods, albeit at a lower price.

However, as soon as JSD transferred the bags to NC’s warehouse, HKB was shocked to learn that NC was bargaining for the items at a much lower price since they were supposedly of poor quality.

Sensing something was amiss, HKB dug deeper and learned that NC was a shell company allegedly put up by JSD and her husband.

With neither a sales contract nor payment from HKB, NC has been holding the luxury goods at its warehouse with the intent of selling them at a major department store.

The trail of deceit forced HKB to take legal action against JSD, whose globetrotting adventures are now put on hold while her courtroom drama continues.

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