Physicians colluding with pharma firm could lose license, abogado warns

Physicians prescribing drugs exclusively produced by Bell-Kenz Pharma Inc. and discouraging patients from taking generic medicines could lose their licenses, abogado Jesus Falcis has warned.

In a thread on X, Falcis mentioned laws requiring doctors to prescribe generic drugs whenever these are available.

“If doctors prescribe and write down only the brand name, that is a CRIMINAL ACT which will be punished with EXPENSIVE FINES and SUSPENSION/REVOCATION of their license. In short, bawal ka na maging doctor. This is to prevent unethical practices and conflict of interest,” he explained.

Bell-Kenz is tagged in alleged irregularities involving the prescription of medicines. They’re said to give pricey incentives, such as luxury cars and watches, to doctors in exchange for prescribing their drugs.

Falcis urged doctors and patients to report the pharmaceutical firm to authorities. The Senate is set to hold a probe on the issue.

“If you are a patient who is seeing a doctor who only prescribes Bell-Kenz drugs and not generic ones, you can report them to the DOH and PRC so that they can be fined and have their licenses suspended or revoked. If you are the doctor involved, best to come clean!” he said.

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