Man gets forehead tattoo after takoyaki store offers P100K. Turns out it’s an April Fool’s prank

A takoyaki (Japanese snack) store in Pampanga is in hot water for an April Fools Day prank involving tattooing its logo on a person’s forehead.

Taragis offered P100,000 to the first person who would have the store’s logo tattoed on their forehead.

A man apparently took on the challenge and had his forehead inked– seemingly for real based on a photo posted by the store.

Taragis then posted a disclaimer saying the offer was a joke.

“Let this serve as a reminder to us how important reading comprehension is. It’s April Fools Day. Never trust anything or anyone. The same as any other day. Once more, Taragis Takoyaki is is not accountable for the events that occurred,” the store said.

Netizens, however, believe Taragis went too far with the prank and should be held accountable.

“Hindi alam ng lahat ang kahulugan ng April Fools lalo na saming mga may edad na. Face the consequences of your actions,” one said.

“Sa hirap ho ng buhay ngayon. Papatusin talaga yan,” another said.

Others said Taragis should pay the man considering how much publicity they got from it.

“There was a similar case to this that was brought in the US court. In the end, the judge ruled in favor of the victim. You cannot demand reading comprehension to all of your audience. Be accountable and provide some sort of compensation,” a netizen said.

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