Size matters: Lucio Co’s S&R faces criticism for shrinking pizzas

A customer has called out bilyonaryo Lucio Co’s S&R Membership Club for serving smaller sized pizzas than the advertised 18 inches.

Supported by receipts featuring a pizza placed alongside a measuring tape, the evidence suggests a disparity, with measurements indicating a range of 15-16 inches. This revelation has ignited discussions regarding the accuracy of the sizes presented to customers.

The original poster (OP) shared that the staff’s explanation for the perceived size reduction was tied to the order of a stuffed crust pizza. However, this rationale has been met with skepticism from many who question its validity.

Interestingly, several commenters echoed the OP’s sentiments, revealing that such concerns prompted their shift to Landers. The downside however is that the restaurant is inside the store and customers would need a membership card to get in unlike SnR which has a standalone restaurant on the side of the supermarket.

US to replace all lead water lines within 10 years

President Joe Biden’s administration on Thursday announced it would require the removal of the nation’s remaining lead pipes within a decade, preventing an estimated 22 million people from potential exposure to the toxic metal in their drinking water.