BTS members divest from HYBE labels in September

All members of BTS have reportedly decided to divest their stocks in HYBE Labels.

Information regarding their stock exchange activities in South Korea was obtained through the Data Analysis, Retrieval, and Transfer System (DART).

According to a DART report disclosed on November 14, each of the seven BTS members placed their HYBE Labels stocks on the market last September, as reported by All Kpop.

The estimated selling amounts, calculated based on the closing price on September 20 (243,000 KRW), are as follows: Jin sold approximately 12.7 billion KRW (52,385 shares), j-hope sold around 15.3 billion KRW (62,784 shares), RM sold approximately 14.1 billion KRW (58,000 shares), SUGA divested around 16.6 billion KRW (68,385 shares), Jimin sold approximately 16.6 billion KRW (68,385 shares), V divested around 16.6 billion KRW (68,385 shares), and Jungkook sold around 16.6 billion KRW (68,385 shares).

Simultaneously, as per a shareholder report on stocks and other securities disclosed by HYBE on November 14, the label’s chairman, Bang Si Hyuk, reportedly chose to reduce his ownership stake from 24,322,584 shares (58.07%) to 21,429,024 shares (51.42%), indicating a decrease of 2,893,560 shares (6.65%).

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