Gastronomic delight: Margarita Fores’ Filipino fusion in Llubjana

Margarita Fores takes pleasure in savoring the tastes of Llubjana, embarking on a culinary journey that beautifully melds Filipino flavors with international flair.

Her menu features Negros ukoy with kinilaw, shrimp-battered and served alongside tinapang bangus lumpia, sotanghon paired with Ilocos vinegar, and a delectable panocha dipping sauce. For those seeking a vegetarian option, mini pandesal rounds with mango and latik are offered, along with chicken Inasal skewers served with inasluman broth shots.

Accompanied by Peti and embassy ladies, the culinary adventure unfolds at Peti 181, offering a stunning view of the river as a backdrop to the feast.