Network resilience under siege: Globe Telecom grapples with soaring battery theft cases

Globe Telecom Inc. announced a surge in incidents of battery theft at its network facilities during the first half of this year, posing a growing challenge for the Ayala-led telco.

The recorded cases reached 834 from January to June, or more than double the 352 incidents recorded throughout 2022.

Mindanao reported the highest number of incidents with 424, followed by Visayas with 363, and the Greater Manila Area with 47.

Batteries play a crucial role as backup power during localized commercial power outages, especially in times of disasters. The theft of these batteries exposes affected areas to potential interruptions in telecom services.

In the last two months alone, Globe Telecom faced two incidents of battery theft in Metro Manila that occurred in broad daylight, one in Malabon on September 23 and another in Tondo on October 20.

Mike Honig, Globe’s head of Network Field Maintenance for GMA, emphasized that such incidents pose a significant challenge to maintaining uninterrupted service during power outages.

While actively collaborating with local authorities, Globe is urging local government units (LGUs) to conduct random inspections in their respective areas. Securing the equipment of telecom providers benefits the communities they serve.

The company also issued a warning to the public, emphasizing that buying stolen property is subject to legal action, with legal consequences for those involved in the purchase and sale of such items.

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