Vlogger’s faux pas: Stirring the pot with ‘Pinoy baiting’

The vlogger, who appears to have visited the Philippines multiple times, annoyed many people who were simply minding their own business, especially Asians.

He mentioned a guy from Singapore who would take his laptop to a coffee shop to work.
The video poster faced criticism for being racist and appearing superior to Asians simply because he wouldn’t do the same thing in a similar situation.

Additionally, he received backlash for lacking etiquette by posting the video without blurring the faces of people whose permission he did not seek to film.

Hans Sy: Ultimate green warrior

Hans Sy, the 4th of the Sy-blings, as Bilyonaryo calls them, sat down with me to explain his green initiatives in the SM Group, a chat that turned into an interesting look into how he became a sustainability champion, the lessons he learnt from his father, Henry Sy Sr., and legacy-building.

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