Up to P22K in savings! Ayala Museum offers unli visits, library use for members

The Ayala Museum has launched value-packed membership packages for those who want to immerse themselves in culture and arts.

For an annual membership fee of P5,000, a person could enjoy unlimited visits to the museum owned by the Zobel de Ayala Clan, with two guests allowed to tag along per visit.

A paying member under the “personal” tier would also be entitled to 60 visits to the Filipinas Heritage Library, an ideal remote working space.

The Ayala Museum also offers a “family membership” covering up to four persons for P8,500 per year.

Members in this tier could visit the Filipinas Heritage Library for 100 times each year.

According to a Facebook post by the Ayala Museum, members would enjoy savings of up to P22,500.

They will also get access to curated members-only events at the museum and special discounts on shop and cafe purchases.

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Magnitude 5.7 quake shakes Philippine capital

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