‘Opportunity of a lifetime’: YGG’s Luis Buenaventura joins GCash as head of crypto unit

GCash has tapped a long-time crypto trading and NFT expert to lead the expansion of its GCrypto services.

Luis Buenaventura, head of Yield Guild Games and Cryptopop Art Guild, announced that he’s now with the Ayala-owned e-wallet as the head of cryptocurrencies.

“To someone who has been building towards mainstream crypto adoption since 2014, this represents the opportunity of a lifetime,” Buenaventura said in a Facebook post.

“With calamitous levels of inflation and an economic recession on the horizon, it’s never been more important to save money, and diversifying into various cryptocurrencies is one of the best ways to do that,” he added.

Buenaventura sees great promise in GCrypto app given GCash’s wide reach, with over 25 million transactions facilitated daily.

“Although the GCrypto app is still in its infancy, I believe it represents the single most important gateway to cryptocurrencies for Filipinos,” he said.

Meta, IBM launch alliance to keep AI’s future open

Meta, IBM and dozens of startups and researchers have launched an alliance defending a more open and collaborative method to develop artificial intelligence, setting up a clash with OpenAI and Google over the technology’s future.