Chab Coyiuto’s September snapshots: A month of moments and memories

As October’s golden rays gently sweep in, Chab Coyiuto bids farewell to September with a heartwarming Instagram post.

She treated her followers to a glimpse of her vibrant September, and it’s a month filled with joyous moments and cherished memories.

The gallery begins with a radiant mirror selfie, capturing Chab’s natural beauty and confidence. Then, she takes us to a friend’s wedding, where she stands as a radiant bridesmaid, radiating elegance and happiness.

Accompanied by her dapper date, Austin, they shared a couple’s photo brimming with warmth and love. But the celebrations didn’t stop there, as the couple enjoyed a double date with friends, savoring the bonds of friendship that make life sweeter.

Finally, the month wrapped up with laughter and camaraderie, as Chab and her friends hit the bowling lanes. Strikes, spares, and shared moments filled their frames.