Nuclear energy advocates unite for a sustainable Philippines

Advocates for nuclear energy convened over the weekend to promote the inclusion of nuclear power in the country’s energy portfolio.

Stand Up for Nuclear, the world’s pioneering global initiative dedicated to championing the expansion and safeguarding of nuclear energy, gathered on Saturday to explore the Philippines’ readiness for embracing nuclear power.

Leading this call to Stand Up for Nuclear was ALPAS Pinas, a non-stock, non-profit organization committed to advancing nuclear energy as a clean and sustainable power source. The event’s objective was to shed light on the potential of nuclear energy in the Philippines and highlight its benefits, especially in the face of critical energy challenges.

Gayle Certeza, the lead convener of ALPAS Pinas, emphasized, “As advocates for nuclear energy, our mission is to effectively communicate its advantages and work towards a sustainable energy future for the Philippines. With an impending energy crisis, it is imperative for us to recognize the merits of nuclear energy.”

Pangasinan 2nd District Rep. Mark Cojuangco, a staunch supporter of nuclear energy and recipient of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) Distinguished Public Service Award, was present during the event.

Cojuangco also chairs the House Special Committee on Nuclear Energy and sponsors House Bill No. 8218, which aims to establish the Philippine Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority (PhilATOM) and provide a comprehensive legal framework for radiation protection, nuclear security, safety, and safeguards in the utilization of nuclear energy in the country.

“Nuclear power presents a transformative solution to our energy requirements. It is a clean, reliable, and economically viable energy source that can sustainably power our nation. We aspire to integrate nuclear energy into our country’s energy mix, enabling Filipinos to access more affordable, cleaner, and dependable electricity,” Cojuangco said.