ePLDT plans $600 million investment for 12th data center facility

ePLDT, the ICT subsidiary of PLDT Inc., is set to invest at least $600 million to construct its 12th data center facility in the country.

Victor S. Genuino, president and CEO of ePLDT, said that the typical global investment range for building a data center is between $6 million and $9 million per megawatt.  “That’s the range we are considering for a 100-megawatt facility,” he said.

This move aligns with ePLDT’s overarching objective to enhance the country’s regional competitiveness and attract much-needed investments.

“Next year, we plan to launch the first phase of our 11th data center in the first half of 2024. We anticipate completing the full data center build-out with a total load of 50 MW by the first quarter of 2025,” Genuino said.

He emphasized the need to adapt to rapidly changing technology trends.   “Afterward, depending on the demand for space, we will assess whether we need to commence building. We have already secured the property and initiated the data center design process,” he said.

Looking ahead to 2025, Genuino said that ePLDT would decide whether the new facility would be a conventional data center, a hyperscaler data center, or a generative AI (artificial intelligence) data center.

Currently, ePLDT’s 11th and largest data center, VITRO Sta. Rosa, is receiving numerous colocation requests from a diverse range of industry leaders, including hyperscalers, CDNs, banks, BPOs, carriers, and even government agencies.