5G global roaming leap: Smart connects 81 destinations with 140 operators

Smart Communications, Inc. has taken a strategic leap in the global 5G data roaming arena, extending its services to 81 destinations through a well-coordinated network of partnerships with 140 key operators worldwide.

Mitch Locsin, PLDT and Smart’s first vice president and head of Enterprise and International Business Groups, underscored the importance of these collaborations, saying, “As we expand our 5G roaming coverage through strong partnerships with key telco partners around the world, we hope to empower our global customers with fast 5G data roaming speeds from islands to cities, allowing them access to technology when it matters the most.”

Smart subscribers wielding 5G SIM cards and compatible devices can now revel in live 5G roaming experiences across an extensive list of locales, spanning from Aland Island to Uzbekistan, offering connectivity from the heart of cities to the remotest islands.

On the domestic front, the PLDT Group has made substantial strides, expanding its fiber footprint to over 1.1 million kilometers, comprising 231,000 kilometers of international fiber and an impressive 885,000 kilometers of domestic fiber as of the end of June this year.

Smart’s mobile network presently blankets nearly 97 percent of the population with a comprehensive suite of 3G, 4G/LTE, and 5G services.

For international travelers equipped with 5G SIMs and 5G-capable devices, Smart has streamlined the process of connecting to its 5G network while visiting the Philippines.

“As the economy recovers from the effects of the pandemic, we want to make sure that international tourists can seamlessly connect to the Philippines’ fastest Smart mobile network when they use their 5G SIMs of our partner telcos whenever they visit the country, and use our network for their work, entertainment, and other connectivity needs,” said Joshua Montecillo, assistant vice president and head Wireless Product Management of Enterprise Business at Smart.