Attack, advertise, retreat: Tim Connor spills tea on smear campaign vs Maggie Wilson

Thai-British businessman Tim Connor gave the lowdown on the online smear campaign against former beauty queen Maggie Wilson, which involves Tiktok influencers simultaneously badmouthing her and her furniture business.

In a series of Instagram stories, Connor shared what he believes to be the “schedule” of the online attacks against Wilson, the estranged wife of bilyonaryo Victor Consunji.

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The offensive for September 27, 2023 supposedly involves the posting of an article against Connor, Wilson and her business, Acasa.

“2. An advertising goes up for the opposing camp. || 3. TikTok campaign to go through the day. But then backfired as it was to (sic) scripted,” Connor said.

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The businessman said the backlash over the smear campaign against Wilson, which she exposed in her own Instagram stories, supposedly resulted in the takedown of the negative online posts against her— but not after her camp had obtained screenshots and other evidence.

“Unfortunately I have been exposed to these tactics many times, I saw this plot since last week when I had programmed a keyword query that kept getting hits! The chain of events were to (sic) predictable and needed to be more synced up,” Connor said.

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Though Connor did not drop names of the possible masterminds of the negative campaign against Wilson, he said it was “crazy to think that grown men and women used teenage kids to create a smear campaign of hate.”

“This summarises everything you need to know about who we are dealing with. Countless journalists and others have contacted us with the same names, screenshots, emails and instructions from ‘the client,’” he said.

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