Delivery Hero explores possible sale of Food Panda in Southeast Asia

Food Panda has confirmed reports that it is entering into negotiations for the possible sale of its business in Southeast Asia.

However, it clarified that the talks are still in the early stages, so nothing concrete has been decided regarding its Philippine operations, as reported by the Manila Bulletin.

Meanwhile, netizens expressed sadness over the news as they cited that smaller food businesses get more opportunities in the app compared to its prime competitor.

Foodpanda is where you’d find smaller, lesser-known, or hole-in-the-wall merchants that are oftentimes better than popular brands.

Grab tried to do the same with Indie Eats, but they’re not highlighting it more, unlike Foodpanda, which prominently features SME food businesses as their top choices.

US to replace all lead water lines within 10 years

President Joe Biden’s administration on Thursday announced it would require the removal of the nation’s remaining lead pipes within a decade, preventing an estimated 22 million people from potential exposure to the toxic metal in their drinking water.