Keeping flight costs in check: CAB maintains Level 6 surcharge

The Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) has announced that the fuel surcharge for both passenger and cargo flights will remain at level 6 for October.

“In light of the perceived increase in average fares, vis a vis the increase in operational costs, please be advised that the applicable fuel surcharge rate for the period from October 1 to October 31, 2023, will remain at level 6, until further notice,” CAB said in an advisory.

Under Level 6 of the passenger fuel surcharge matrix, airlines are permitted to collect a fuel surcharge ranging from P185 to P665 for domestic flights and P610.37 to P4,538.40 for international flights.

Regarding cargo fuel surcharges, airlines are authorized to charge P0.95 to P2.78 per kilogram for domestic flights under Level 6 and P3.14 to P23.33 per kilogram for international flights.

CAB emphasized that airlines wishing to impose or collect a fuel surcharge must submit their applications to CAB on or before the specified effective period, with fuel surcharge rates not exceeding the levels mentioned above.

The CAB clarified that the airline fuel surcharge is an optional fee imposed and collected by airlines to offset fuel costs and mitigate losses incurred due to fluctuations in fuel prices. This surcharge is distinct from the basic airfare and may be adjusted or eliminated based on market jet fuel prices.

CAB suspended the imposition of fuel surcharges on all domestic and international flights due to the lower prices of jet fuel at that time.