‘My ex is attempting to bankrupt me’: Maggie Wilson faces new challenges

She’s not seeking sympathy, just providing context.

Maggie Wilson finds herself facing not only personal family challenges but also the disheartening discovery of internal theft within her furniture concept brand, ACASA Manila.

While she placed her trust in individuals to oversee the business, that trust was ultimately betrayed, leaving her with the weight of accountability on her shoulders.

However, her challenges extend beyond her company, as she asserts that her ex, Victor Consunji, has been actively working to financially undermine both ACASA and herself.

“…my ex is attempting to bankrupt ACASA and me, including millions of pesos of unpaid bills by his company. I do not wish to go into heavy detail on this. Still, because of this, things have been extremely challenging for me mentally, emotionally and financially in my personal and work life, even if it may not see like it on the surface,” Maggie said.

During this tumultuous period, Maggie gratefully acknowledges the support of her rumored beau, Tim Connor, and his team, who have extended assistance to customers affected by pending orders.

Despite the trials she faces, Maggie stands strong, expressing apologies to those impacted by these issues and offering a glimpse into her arduous journey.

Meanwhile, Victor has chosen to remain silent on the matter.

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