Celebrating Filipino flavors: Margarita Fores’ coconut culinary delight

Chef Margarita Fores recently orchestrated a culinary masterpiece, curating a coconut-themed dinner fiesta that left Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas enthralled.

The evening was a vibrant tapestry of Filipino flavors, from the Peñalosa brothers crafting lumpia wrappers on the spot to tantalizing laing bites and a kinilaw spread of tuna and marlin, both classic and infused with creamy coconut milk.

The feast continued with maxi-sized chicharon, adlai crackers, Inihaw and inasal skewers, and Negros Lechons, roasted on-site and infused with the rich flavors of Pinoy Cerveza negra.

To complete the experience, a braised Beef Belly Inihaw was served with savory Tausug flavored sauces of tiyula itum and kulma.

It was a celebration of Filipino beach culture indoors, honoring the beloved Coconut as the fruit of life and exemplifying the innate Filipino love for festivities and warm hospitality.

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