Kris Ponce Enrile in the world of dolls

In a glamorous celebration dedicated to all things fabulous and feminine, Kris Ponce Enrile graced the bachelorette party of the bride-to-be, Mikaela Encarnacion.

The party’s themes of Barbie and Bratz took center stage in the festivities.

Kris, a staunch believer that “every bride deserves a touch of Bratz,” infused her unique style into this unforgettable evening.

The decorations were a splendid display of various shades of pink, ranging from delicate pastels to vibrant fuchsias, with hints of lavender accents. This vibrant color palette set the scene for a glamorous celebration that was truly iconic.

Jordan’s stunning bridesmaid look

In a recent social media post, Jordan Prieto Valdes joyfully recounted the magical moments from a wedding she described as being “straight out of a fairytale.”