Simplifying procedures: NEDA’s push for infrastructure efficiency

The National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) has affirmed a proposed executive order (EO) aimed at expediting the processing of licenses, clearances, permits, certifications, and authorizations for the government’s Infrastructure Flagship Projects (IFPs).

NEDA Secretary Arsenio Balisacan said that the EO mandates all government offices, agencies, and instrumentalities including local government units (LGUs), to streamline the standard procedure and requirements for the IFPs.

The simplified requirements will be applicable to both pending and new applications within the NEDA board approved list of IFPs, as well as any additions to the updated IFP list.

The EO likewise facilitates electronic application submissions to the concerned agencies and LGUs, including the payments and issuance of receipts.

“The primary goal of this proposed EO is to minimize if not eliminate delays in the implementation of IFPs,” Balisacan said.

The board also approved the reconstitution of the NEDA Board Committee on Infrastructure to include the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Department of Information and Communications Technology as members of the committee.

It also confirmed the overall principles and general recommendations for the proposed National Government-LGU Cost-Sharing schemes for financing infrastructure projects.

Lastly, the NEDA Board endorsed the proposal to reduce tariffs on gypsum and anhydrite from three to zero percent.

“It is worth noting that natural gypsum and anhydrite are not produced locally. These raw materials are used in the production of plasterboard and cement, which are commonly used in construction. With the reduction in tariffs, we anticipate a decrease in production costs and an improvement in the industry’s competitiveness as we ramp up our infrastructure drive,” Balisacan said.

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