How to protect your family and home the ‘smart’ way

Keeping the family and home safe and sound is important. A home that’s not properly secure will be more vulnerable to intruders who could invade one’s privacy, take property, or worst, harm the family. These threats are always very real and can happen anytime, especially in moments one would least expect. According to the Philippine National Police’s latest findings, theft remains one of the most prevalent crimes in the country, with over 6,000 cases recorded from July 2022 to January 2023.

What are the appropriate security measures for the home in these times? Would traditional ways of protection like guard dogs, barbed wire, and the like still be enough? For modern threats, however, it would really help bring one more peace of mind if there was a smarter and more reliable layer of protection not just for the home but also for the family.

Smart security tools for the smart home

As homes become smarter, they also have the potential to become safer. A smart home security setup — an innovation designed to monitor one’s home and property digitally — provides one not only convenience but also the peace of mind knowing that their homes are under watch anytime of the day.

The technology in these smart home security devices has definitely come a long way – it’s no longer simple intruder alarms and basic CCTV networks. With crispier footage, longer battery life, and smarter, more interactive features all powered by a strong internet connection, the new generation of home security devices can further instill a feeling of safety among homeowners .

For these needs, some of the best devices anyone can get for their money come from international smart home device manufacturer eufy, a sub-brand of top electronics brand Anker now made available through a PLDT Home subscription.

Smart cameras that keep a close eye

The home is most vulnerable to intruders at night or when people are away. Indoor and outdoor smart cameras are thus considered home security essentials, monitoring the house and letting owners keep in touch with their family and keep watch of their property remotely. 

The eufy Indoor Camera 2K comes with crisp and clear 2K resolution video, ensuring all details captured are visible. It’s smart in every sense of the word as it comes with a built-in AI that distinguishes between humans and pets, and determines when to start recording footage — specifically when something of interest happens. Its motion detector also follows moving objects up to 360° horizontally or 96° vertically.

The eufy Indoor Camera 2K also has a built-in two-way audio system, allowing remote communication between homeowners and anyone within close proximity to the camera – all through the eufy Security App.” It’s also fully compatible with smartphone apps Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. 

For outdoor security, eufy has the eufy Outdoor Camera 2 Pro and the eufy Outdoor Camera 2C. Both models boast high resolution cameras that let homeowners catch details in the footage more vividly. Both also have advanced night vision technology, with the 2 Pro packing an F2.0 aperture lens that lets in a lot of light even while it’s dark to show clearer low-light images. Both models come with human detection AI technology that distinguishes between humans and animals, only notifying when it’s a person approaching. It’s also equipped with a siren to ward off intruders breaking into one’s home and alert people close by.

Showing the least problems when it comes to battery life, the 2C can run for 6 months and the 2 Pro for 12 months on a single charge – providing constant surveillance for months on end. The models are also completely weatherproof, guaranteed to work rain or shine.

Smart door tech that safeguards best 

Another great investment besides smart cameras that could beef up and complete the home security setup are Smart Door Locks. Doors are one of the most vulnerable parts of the home, especially when it’s not equipped with proper security measures. Smart Door Locks solve that problem, keeping entryways as safe as possible and barring all unwanted intrusion with another level of electronic protection. 

eufy’s Smart Door Locks are the most secure, locking automatically when the door closes. They are also fully electronic, as users can completely control it from anywhere and unlock it in four ways: via physical key, the keypad, a fingerprint, or Bluetooth. Like eufy’s outdoor smart cameras, the smart locks are also weatherproof and have a long battery life.

Complementing the smart door locks is eufy’s Video Doorbell. The futuristic Video Doorbell 2K adds to the protection granted by the other outdoor devices with a 2K-resolution camera that lets homeowners clearly see who’s at the door. It also has a motion sensor that automatically notifies when someone approaches. It can run on its battery for 6 months on a single charge.

Feel safe and in control at home with eufy – now available thru PLDT Home

All devices above can be controlled using the eufy Security app. Live or recorded videos or access, thumbnails, alerts, and reports are viewable since every event is recorded based on the customer’s preference.

With its fast, reliable internet powering these smart security solutions, PLDT Home has partnered with eufy to make its indoor and outdoor cameras, smart door locks, and smart doorbell easily available to homes in the Philippines. Customers simply have to go to to order any of the available eufy smart home security devices, which can be paid in full upfront or be conveniently charged as monthly installments to their PLDT Home accounts.

Through its partnership with top security brands like eufy, PLDT Home continues to fulfill its promise of not only providing fast and reliable Fiber internet to customers across the nation, but also of helping protect them with the best technology available. PLDT Home has been making electronic home security available to Filipinos for years with products such as the Fam Cam and the FAM ZONE, among others.

With PLDT Home providing access to the best lineup of security devices, you can keep your family and home safe and have peace of mind wherever you go.

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