UP freshmen’s food adventure: Diving into kwek kwek chemistry

The UP Association of Chemistry Majors and Enthusiasts is welcoming the freshmen in style as they seek to orient the freshies on the food culture of the university by dissecting the chemical make-up of popular street food kwek kwek.

“Aside from getting lost in campus grounds and figuring out where TBA is located, trying the different food stalls and canteens in the campus is also something to add to their bucket lists.
Spread throughout the campus are food stalls which sell snacks like kwek kwek also (un)popularly known as an Isko’s go-to meal,” they said.

US to replace all lead water lines within 10 years

President Joe Biden’s administration on Thursday announced it would require the removal of the nation’s remaining lead pipes within a decade, preventing an estimated 22 million people from potential exposure to the toxic metal in their drinking water.