Gotta catch ‘em all! Jail time for text scammers pushed

Telecommunications companies should work with law enforcement agencies to apprehend text scammers who violate the SIM registration law, Senator Grace Poe said.

In a statement, Poe said the law empowers authorities to catch scammers if the evidence against them is strong.

“Kapag may nakita ang ating mga kababayan na nahuli at kinulong dahil dito nga sa mga fake registration ng SIM o nagbebenta ng pre-registered na SIM, kahit papaano mababawasan yan.,” she said.

Poe said people holding fake SIM cards, as well as those whose registered SIMs are being used for cybercrimes, should be rounded up to face criminal charges.

“Dati, kung may makita na may fake na SIM cards, hindi makasuhan dahil walang batas, ibig sabihin, hindi iligal ‘yun. Ngayon, binigyan na natin ng armas ang awtoridad sa pamamagitan ng batas,” she added.

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