Dennis Uy’s DITO passes fourth technical audit

Businessman Dennis Uy’s DITO Telecommunity Corp. announced that it successfully completed its fourth mandatory performance audit conducted by the National Telecommunications Commission.

DITO chief administrative officer Adel Tamano expressed the company’s dedication despite challenges.

He also highlighted DITO’s support for the digitalization and nation-building efforts of the Marcos Administration.

The NTC, relying on its independent auditor R.G. Manabat & Co., confirmed that DITO achieved a national population coverage of 80.65 percent.

In terms of minimum average broadband speeds (MABS), DITO recorded 74.97 Mbps for 4G and 639.32 Mbps for 5G, with a combined MABS of 357.14 Mbps.

Based on these factual findings, the NTC announced that DITO “passed” the technical audit of national population coverage and MABS for the fourth consecutive year.

This annual independent audit is a requirement outlined in the certificate of public convenience and necessity granted to the telecommunications company.

DITO’s chief technology officer, retired Major General Rodolfo Santiago highlighted the network’s impressive growth and recent accolades from OpenSignal.

According to NTC data, DITO boasted a subscriber base of 8.35 million as of September 3 this year.

DITO has alloted P27 billion for its capital expenditures this year, lower than the P50 billion allocated in the previous year.

The company has already invested over P150 billion in its initial infrastructure rollout and operational expenses as part of its commitment to invest a total of P257 billion over five years, aiming to achieve a 55-megabit-per-second internet speed and cover 84 percent of the population.

Trio wins physics Nobel for work on exploring electrons

Three atomic physicists, France’s Pierre Agostini, Hungarian-Austrian Ferenc Krausz and French-Swedish Anne L’Huillier, won the Nobel Physics Prize on Tuesday for research into tools for exploring electrons inside atoms and molecules.