Lopez Group initiates net-zero carbon alliance to lead Philippines’ green transformation

The Lopez Group is calling upon more Philippine businesses to embrace the journey towards achieving net-zero emissions through the Net Zero Carbon Alliance (NZCA).

This pioneering private sector-led initiative has established a framework for transitioning towards carbon neutrality, ultimately working towards a net-zero future for the Philippine business landscape.

Championed by Energy Development Corporation (EDC), a subsidiary of Lopez-led First Gen and the nation’s largest renewable energy producer, primarily through geothermal operations, NZCA is extending an invitation to private Filipino enterprises to participate in this collaborative effort. Together, they aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

NZCA’s comprehensive program has been strategically designed to assist partners in crafting their own roadmaps towards carbon neutrality.

This involves sharing best practices, enhancing carbon emission offsetting and tracking, facilitating third-party certification of emissions and offsets, and providing access to green financing, among a suite of capacity-building resources and tools.