Fusion delights: Chef Andrea Spagoni’s Michelin magic at Solaire’s Finestra

Hailing from Turin, Italy, Chef Andrea Spagoni holds dear his culinary legacy steeped in the traditional Piedmontese kitchen of his grandmother.

As the head chef at Finestra, he upholds this rich heritage by infusing authenticity into every dish. From hand-picking ingredients to crafting sauces with care, Spagoni’s culinary art mirrors his grandmother’s devotion, faithfully delivering the true essence of Italian food.

Confronted with the challenge of sourcing Italian ingredients, Chef Spagoni rises to the occasion with innovative solutions. Instead of viewing it as a constraint, he sees it as an opportunity to reimagine and reinvent traditional Italian fare.

At Finestra, Spagoni ingeniously procures top-tier local alternatives that encapsulate the essence of Italian flavors. Employing astute culinary techniques, he masterfully preserves the authenticity of the cuisine. This harmonious blend of tradition and adaptation culminates in a menu that not only pleases local palates but also pays homage to its Italian origins.

Spagoni’s culinary journey has taken him to kitchens in London, Florence, Turin, Hong Kong, and New York, each shaping his unique style. With prestigious Michelin stars to his name, he brings a worldly perspective to the Filipino palette.

Here, he blends global experiences with his Italian heritage, crafting a menu that combines cosmopolitan influences with deep-seated traditions.

His dishes tell stories of culinary exploration and a grasp of diverse flavors, incorporating the richness of New York, the subtleties of Florence, the elegance of London, and the vibrancy of Hong Kong. This fusion of global experiences with Italian cooking highlights his adaptability and innovation, offering a dining experience that transcends borders and cultures.

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