In the fast lane: Bongbong Marcos and Martin Romualdez’s exclusive F1 garage experience in Singapore

Bongbong Marcos, the President, and his cousin, Speaker Martin Romualdez, took a break from their meetings in Singapore, and their pitstop was far from ordinary.

They were granted exclusive access to Ferrari’s Formula One garage during the Singapore Grand Prix.

The two were spotted inside Ferrari’s garage, with Marcos donning a headset typically reserved for team members and principal sponsors of the F1 team. Marcos and Romualdez were captured on the Formula One live feed, immersing themselves in the sights and sounds of the qualifying round for the Singapore Grand Prix in Marina Bay on Saturday night.

The Ferrari enthusiasts reveled in the night’s spectacle, celebrating Carlos Sainz’s pole position for Ferrari and Charles Leclerc’s third-place position on the grid. Italian TikToker Alexandra Saint Mleux, who is Leclerc’s girlfriend, was also seen in the garage alongside Marcos and Romualdez.

Marcos and Romualdez were in Singapore for the 10th Asian Conference hosted by the Milken Institute, having been invited by Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to witness the Grand Prix.