Romancing the palate: Gino Gonzalez and China Cojuangco’s epicurean adventure

Love remains alive and well.

Chef Gino Gonzalez and his wife, China Cojuangco embarked on a delightful rendezvous at Ember Manila.

Their evening unfurled with an array of delectable dishes, each a testament to the art of gastronomic affection.

The menu included delights such as melon serrano with thyme, sourdough accompanied by smoked butter, burrata adorned with olive and basil, mushrooms crowned with comte and hazelnuts, raw beef on rye with a smoked egg, bone marrow served with sourdough and parsley, and short ribs embellished with onion and wasabi.

The sweet climax of their dining affair featured two exquisite creations: Tres Leches, a butter cake luxuriously soaked in three varieties of milk with a hint of smoked caramel, and Kladdkaka, a moist chocolate cake that tantalized the palate.

These culinary masterpieces were thoughtfully paired with the elegance of a Saint Clair Sauvignon Blanc and the rich depth of a 2010 California Zinfandel from Buccaneer. Together, they elevated the dining experience to a symphony of flavors and fine wine, showcasing that love’s flame continues to burn brightly.