Globe Telecom’s next-gen store: A seamless fusion of digital and physical

Ayala-led Globe Telecom has unveiled its next-generation store in Glorietta 3, Makati City, establishing a new gold standard in omni-channel retail formats and sustainable design.

Cleo Santos, head of the Channel Management Group, emphasized that the new Globe Store is not just a retail space but a catalyst for creating memorable customer experiences. The store’s design aims to captivate, empower, and connect customers, offering enriching services that enhance their lives.

This innovative shop prioritizes the customer, reflecting Globe’s commitment to revolutionizing the phygital (physical and digital) experience by seamlessly blending offline and online elements.

The new Globe Store features interactive product demos, a community engagement space, a self-service zone, and a transaction hub, solidifying Globe’s position as a market leader and offering customers a unique and immersive experience.

Mic Coson, head of Retail Design and Portfolio Growth, emphasized the game-changing nature of the new design.

It seamlessly integrates the online and offline experience to minimize wait times, provide experiential retail, and offer personalized services. Every touchpoint, from product discovery to post-visit engagement, has been meticulously crafted with customers in mind.

The new Globe retail experience was developed in collaboration with Landor & Fitch, the largest branding and design specialist group and a part of the WPP group.