Ex-Privacy Commission chief: TikTok ban needs careful thought

The former head of the National Privacy Commission (NPC) spoke up about calls to impose a blanket ban on the use of TikTok in the country, which he said might be an extreme measure.

Former NPC Commissioner Raymund Liboro said the government should consider the various implications of the ban before making a decision.

“Ultimately, the decision to ban TikTok or any other app from government devices should be made based on a thorough analysis of the app’s security risks, the government’s security considerations, and the potential impact on employees’ productivity and personal freedoms,” Liboro wrote in a newspaper column.

Many other nations imposed some restriction on TikTok, mainly by banning its use on government devices to protect national security.

Liboro acknowledged the security concerns about TikTok, particularly its collection of user data and the likelihood of sharing the information with the Chinese government due to its supposed links with the Chinese ownership of ByteDance — the company behind the app.

“The government is on point in aiming to limit exposure to massive data collection that could potentially harm the country and its citizens. But the decision must go beyond perception and address the specific issues concerning national security, data collection, and even side issues like employee productivity loss due to disruption,” he said.

“These measures should apply within the security sector and throughout the government as part of a holistic approach to addressing privacy and security concerns,” Liboro added.

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