Cebu Pacific’s 2024 growth prospects dimmed by Pratt & Whitney engine woes

Budget carrier Cebu Pacific, led by bilyonaryo Lance Gokongwei, is encountering renewed turbulence as it grapples with an issue involving Pratt & Whitney (P&W) engines.

In a regulatory filing, Cebu Pacific disclosed that P&W had communicated a condition that would impact the airline’s maintenance plans for the engines powering its A320/321 NEO aircraft fleet worldwide.

Cebu Pacific anticipates this will affect its fleet’s availability in 2024. Its current fleet comprises 25 Airbus aircraft equipped with P&W engines.

The airline moved swiftly to reassure passengers, emphasizing that the situation does not pose a safety concern. They described the accelerated fleet inspection as a measure to ensure the ongoing safe operation of their P&W-powered aircraft.

P&W, recognizing the significance of its partnership with Cebu Pacific, committed to collaborating closely with the airline to mitigate any potential operational disruptions stemming from this issue.

Cebu Pacific further highlighted that P&W had affirmed its readiness, deploying the necessary expertise and resources, and pledged to work with its partners to resolve the matter expeditiously.

Despite the challenge, Cebu Pacific remains committed to expanding its fleet, with projections of reaching 76 aircraft by year-end.

This number is expected to increase to 91 aircraft in 2024. However, the airline conceded that the recent announcement would lead to revisions in the growth rate for next year.

Nonetheless, Cebu Pacific emphasized its proactive approach to managing supply chain and operational challenges within the aviation industry.

It reported that substantial contingency measures have been implemented in recent months, resulting in on-time performance levels reaching as high as 90 percent.

“This reflects our commitment to providing our customers with a safe, reliable, and affordable travel experience,” Cebu Pacific said.

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