Leading Philippines’ clean energy revolution: Lopez-led First Gen signs 10-year supply deal with CENECO

The Lopez family’s First Gen Corp. will supply additional renewable energy to Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO), one of the largest electric cooperatives in the Visayas region.

The signing is the result of CENECO’s competitive selection process for procuring the cooperative’s 20-megawatt (MW) baseload power supply requirement.

Under this agreement, First Gen, through its wholly owned subsidiary Energy Development Corporation, will provide 20 MW of power supply to CENECO.

The 10-year power supply agreement is set to commence in the last quarter of the year, once all requirements have been finalized and secured.

First Gen has been supplying clean and renewable power to CENECO since 2011, with a contracted demand of 20 MW.

With this new contract, an additional 20 MW will be delivered, making their total contracted demand from First Gen 40 MW. This will make First Gen CENECo’s largest supplier of renewable energy.

This contract is compliant with Renewable Portfolio Standards and aligns with the provincial government’s aim to pursue and develop a diversified green economy and transition to reliable, renewable, available, accessible, affordable, and sustainable energy in Occidental Negros by 2030.

CENECO prioritizes contracting for sustainable and reliable energy, as evident in their decision to make 40% of their overall contracted supply renewable, with plans to increase this percentage in the future.

First Gen is the Philippines’ leading clean energy company. In addition to geothermal energy, First Gen’s portfolio of power plants includes hydro, solar, wind, and natural gas.