Meralco’s green commitment: 25% fleet electrification by 2030

Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) has set an ambitious target to achieve a minimum of 25 percent fleet electrification by 2030, signaling its commitment to sustainable transportation initiatives.

Ferdinand Geluz, Meralco’s First Vice President & chief commercial officer, underscored the company’s proactive stance in complying with the Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act (EVIDA).

“We have taken the lead in the electrification of our fleet with 156 electric vehicles such as e-Cars, e-Vans, e-Pickups and e-Motorcycles deployed by end-2022,” Geluz said.

“This represents 7% of our total vehicles (vs. 5% EVIDA target) which serve the daily operational needs of our sector offices and business centers. To support the charging requirements of these EVs, we have also installed 39 EV chargers in our sector and business offices,” he added.

This impressive fleet electrification effort already accounts for seven percent of Meralco’s total vehicles, surpassing the EVIDA target of 5 percent. These EVs play a pivotal role in meeting the daily operational needs of Meralco’s sector offices and business centers.

To facilitate the charging requirements of this growing EV fleet, Meralco has installed 39 EV chargers at various sector and business offices.

Geluz also highlighted Meralco chairman and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan’s commitment to spearheading electric mobility development in the Philippines.

“With our network and capabilities, we believe that Meralco is in a position to help stimulate demand and develop the infrastructure support especially in the rollout of EV charging stations,” he said.