Kris Ponce Enrile’s Instagram tease: Get ready for Brunch Spot

Amidst the idyllic beauty of Siargao’s paradise, a new culinary haven is poised to make waves – BS, short for Brunch Spot.

Kris Ponce Enrile, a true aficionado of island delights, is bubbling with anticipation for the grand opening.

On her Instagram story, Kris has ignited a buzz around BS, reigniting the passion of fellow food enthusiasts.

With the promise of delectable brunches on the horizon, Siargao’s culinary scene is poised for even greater growth, and Kris’s infectious enthusiasm adds to the allure to this soon-to-be hotspot.

US to replace all lead water lines within 10 years

President Joe Biden’s administration on Thursday announced it would require the removal of the nation’s remaining lead pipes within a decade, preventing an estimated 22 million people from potential exposure to the toxic metal in their drinking water.