The Jollibee factor: Unveiling America’s top Filipino dining spots

When did Jollibee become a benchmark for identifying the best Filipino dining spots in the US?

Evidently, the study utilized Jollibee as a benchmark due to its recognition as a global icon for Filipino cuisine and one of the most renowned culinary exports from the Philippines.

2023’s Best Cities for Filipino Food in the USA

“The Price of Meat team manually tallied Jollibee locations for each metro area. This multiplier number highlights the general availability and options for Filipino food in a metro area,” the study indicated.

It’s safe to say that areas with the highest concentration of Jollibee outlets were more likely to boast excellent Filipino restaurants. Topping the list is San Francisco, which hosts numerous Jollibee branches. Of course, another contributing factor is the size of the Filipino community in the area.