Chasing justice: Maggie Wilson’s struggle to reclaim her son

In a heartfelt series of updates, Maggie Wilson opened up about the reasons behind her recent absence on social media.

She shared an emotional voice note from her son, Connor, who expressed his yearning for her return, shedding light on the pain of their separation.

Maggie courageously addressed the issue of insufficient child protection services for cases of parental abduction in the Philippines, alluding to her estranged husband, Victor Consunji.

Even though legal custody currently rests with Victor, Maggie’s deep longing for her son is undeniable, with their separation lasting over a year.

In addition to the legal battles she faces, Maggie also highlighted the logistical challenges involved in sending court documents abroad, providing a vivid picture of the obstacles she encounters in her pursuit of justice and reuniting with her son.