DoubleDragon’s Injap Sia and Tony Tan Caktiong launch Hotel101-Niseko venture

DoubleDragon Corp., the property venture of Jollibee owner Tony Tan Caktiong and Mang Inasal founder Injap Sia, has commenced the construction of its inaugural overseas Hotel101 project.

Sia and Tan
Caktiong, who both hold the chairmanship at DoubleDragon, personally attended the ground breaking event for the 482-room Hotel101-Niseko project in Hokkaido, Japan.

Iwata Chizaki Inc., one of the largest contractors in Japan that built the Chitose International Airport in Saporro, was selected as the contractor of the project.

Set on a 1.17-hectare property within Hokkaido Prefecture, Hotel101–Niseko is poised to become one of Niseko’s most expansive value hotels, comprising 482 distinctive “HappyRooms.”

This endeavor is part of the initial trio of overseas Hotel101 projects in development, with the other two planned for Madrid, Spain, and California, USA.

DoubleDragon’s projection points to an estimated unit sales revenue of about $128.88 million, equivalent to roughly P7.12 billion, to be derived from the Hotel101-Niseko venture.

Propelled by a bold vision, DoubleDragon aims to establish Hotel101 as a global brand, anchored by a truly unparalleled business concept that holds potential across more than 100 countries.

Hotel101 is set to make history as the first Filipino-grown hotel chain to extend its reach beyond the borders of the Philippines.