McDonald’s ER Quarter Pounder takes nation by storm; Zarks fires back with Delicious Tuesday Burger Special

McDonald’s found itself pleasantly overwhelmed by the resounding success of its ER quarter pounder campaign.

In an astonishing turn of events, stocks of the delectable burger were entirely depleted well before the stipulated promotional cutoff time.

This ingenious campaign extended a warm invitation to all those fortunate enough to bear the initials “ER” in their names. These individuals were granted the golden opportunity to relish a quarter pounder at an unbeatable price of just P25. The aim was to pay homage to McDonald’s latest burger recipe, one that promised enhanced sizzle, juiciness, and overall flavor.

Reassurances were tendered that the highly sought-after P25 quarter pounder would soon grace the menu once again, prompting eager patrons to remain on the edge of their seats for the impending announcement.

Simultaneously, Zark’s, commemorating a remarkable 14 years of gastronomic excellence, delivered a subtle yet pointed response to the ER-centric stipulation. Introducing a clever alternative, Zark’s unveiled an enticing promotion: the chance to indulge in the illustrious Zark’s Ultimate Burger every Tuesday throughout the month, all for a mere P14, contingent upon the prior purchase of a burger set meal.

It’s a culinary duel of sorts, promising delectable offerings and fierce competition for the taste buds of enthusiasts.

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