Elevating mobile experience: Globe Telecom set to launch eSIM for prepaid users

Globe Telecom Inc. plans to roll out an eSIM solution for its prepaid users by the end of the third quarter as part of its commitment to further enhance customers’ mobile experience with innovative solutions.

“We recognize the opportunity and can also monetize the convenience that eSIM can give our customers. And it’s also going to restructure the way we operate because there’s less cost, it’s fully Do-It-Yourself,” said Darius Delgado, head of Globe’s Consumer Mobile Business.

The eSIM, or embedded SIM, represents an integrated SIM chip that is permanently embedded within a mobile device. It streamlines access to mobile information and forms a cornerstone for seamless connectivity.

This innovation empowers users to establish multiple profiles with distinct mobile numbers on a single device. Such a feature facilitates effortless transitions between different lines, whether for post-work hours, travel, or any other context that aligns with their lifestyle.

Notably, the eSIM’s technology extends its utility to enable users to connect numerous devices—such as smartphones and smartwatches—under a single mobile number. This alleviates concerns about leaving the primary phone behind during activities like jogging or quick errands.

Positioned as an agent of sustainability, Globe’s eSIM initiative also underscores the company’s commitment to eco-conscious operations.

By reducing dependence on physical plastic SIM cards, the initiative curbs the need for new plastic materials and subsequently mitigates waste generation and logistical implications. By embracing eSIM technology, users partake in more responsible consumption patterns, recognizing the cumulative environmental benefits that stem from collective adoption.

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