Guiding the next generation: Lisa Macuja Elizalde’s role at BIP

Lisa Macuja Elizalde’s artistic brilliance shone bright as she took part in the Ballet Intensive Program (BIP) showcase at the Asian Grand Prix.

The performance featured 100 students, delivering five classical dances, three character dances, and two contemporary choreographies – all masterfully curated in just five days.

Lisa’s influence went beyond choreography, as she both choreographed for the BIP4 group and taught the BIP1 group, showcasing her role as a mentor.

As an esteemed judge for the Asian Ballet Competition and the Hong Kong Grand Prix regionals, Lisa’s dedication to fostering young talent in the world of dance knows no bounds.

With an open invitation, she invites enthusiasts to mark their calendars for the Manila Regionals on August 26 at the Aliw Theater, promising a visual symphony of artistry and passion.